Individual Membership

Individual Members are educators, families, community advocates, elected officials, academics and anyone who makes a personal contribution to support home visits.

In addition to putting these much needed funds toward home visit trainings, PTHV leverages the donations of Individual Members, showing our grassroots support to funders and policy makers.


“I first learned of, and became involved with, the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project through my involvement at my children’s school. I have personally contributed IT services, and committed an annual financial donation, because of the tremendous impact the work has on families and schools across the nation. Being an individual contributor has allowed me to build a bridge between my personal network and the project, and leverage additional resources.”

Terrence Gladney, Parent, Past President, Sacramento Council of PTAS, Founder and Director, Terrell C. Gladney Memorial Academy, Donor and Volunteer, PTHV


“We give priority in our charitable gifts to organizations that make long-term change. Higher student achievement, more involved families, and more skilled and culturally-attuned teachers? How much more long-term impact can you get?”

Lisa and Hill Snellings, Lexington, MA


Join us as Individual Members with your gift of $20 or more. Make a donation through Paypal below, or send a check to Parent Teacher Home Visits, 2411 15th Street, Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95818.

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