Introduction to Home Visits Training

The core of our training program, Introduction to Home Visits prepares and certifies educators to do Parent Teacher Home Visits.

Time: 3 hours

Readiness prerequisites:

  • At least two of the following three partners involved in planning: school district, teachers’ union, community organization.
  • Funding secured for training and visits (see How do we pay for PTHV?)
  • Conference call with PTHV staff to tailor training/launch to local needs

Objective: At the end of the session, participants will:

  • Understand the model and why it is effective
  • Be able to make an informed choice about participating in home visits
  • Be prepared and certified to do home visits
  • Take next steps to launch home visits
  • Have a date and a plan for future action

Audience: Teachers, staff and administration of K-12 schools, plus community leaders or other stakeholders (20-60 participants).

Led by: a team of PTHVP members, including parents and teachers, who directly participate in the practice of this model and reflect the grade levels and/or the community demographics.

Content: This interactive session centers on building the capacity of educators to effectively build meaningful relationships with the families of their students, starting with a voluntary home visit. Learn our distinct 5 non-negotiable core practices and how and why they lead to success.

Topics include:iowa

  • the research behind the model
  • logistics, step by step
  • skill-building and practice in engaging families
  • overcoming barriers (money, time, fear)
  • culture and cross-cultural connection
  • taking it back to the classroom

Fee: $5,000. Includes preparation, trainer time, materials and three hours of post-training consulting. Trainer travel and lodging expenses are billed separately.