Training FAQs

Q: We have willing partners and a plan with a budget – when can we do the home visit training?  What is involved?

  1. Determine a date or two that works for you then contact Yesenia Ramirez at or at 916-539-5601 to secure a date and make an invoicing and billing plan (often district funding requires advance paperwork).
  2. Once you have a date and time, arrange for a place to train your group.
  3. Invite at least 50% of the staff and any other interested partners to the training- (not to exceed 60 without prior approval of PTHV staff).
  4. Designate a site coordinator who helps arrange site logistics and keeps track of the visiting experiences for the school staff and liaisons with PTHV staff with ongoing questions, concerns, success stories, etc.

Q: What does the home visit training cover?

A: Training sessions are 3 hours and cover the model we use, the research that supports it, a step by step guide of how to do an effective home visit, teacher and parent testimony, role plays and a frank discussion of all likely barriers and/or site specific questions and concerns.

Q: What happens after the training?

A: The PTHVP staff will be available to you by phone for 3 hours of post-training consultation and can arrange for an in-person response if needed. Here are general “next steps”:

  1. Follow up to the training includes PTHV staff consultation, and review of individual and site plans before participants begin.
  2. Home visits begin, participants bill the school/district for their time, site coordinator helps colleagues with questions or concerns.
  3. At least 1-2 opportunities for teachers and parents to share their home visiting experiences take place at staff or school meetings within the first month of home visiting launch.
  4. Two to three months after the launch of home visits, participants gather for 1 hour to reflect on the visits- what worked, the challenges, what are some personal experiences about assumptions about the families and/or students and learning from the home visit?  Plan is revisited to see if site is on track to reach visit goals and, if not, mid-course corrections made.
  5. End of year billing and reflections completed, data collected, plans for expansion or sustainability completed for following year.

Q: Can we become PTHVP trainers in our community?

A: Yes! This is meant to be a locally run effort.  After the first year of PTHVP, we can return to offer a full day Train the Trainer (TOT) session for a select group of parents and teachers who have been actively involved in home visiting efforts during the prior year.

Note: Often we are asked if we will do a TOT session right away to cut down on costs, but in our experience that is not a successful practice. People need to have directly experienced the project. For teachers that means at least 10 home visits, and for parents it means 1-2 visits and a chance to share their experiences with others.