Training of Trainers

After Home Visit Training and 1-2 years of doing home visits, you may choose to build your own training team, in order to expand your internal home visiting capacity. This interactive training session is led by experienced home visiting trainers and is designed to fully prepare and certify selected teachers and parents to train educators in your district.

Time: 6 hours

Readiness prerequisites:

  • Successful completion of pilot project plan, as created with PTHV staff
  • Meeting or conference call with PTHV staff to identify key people and implementation strategy

Objective – At the end of the session, participants will:

  • be prepared to train others in the model in their local community
  • be certified as PTHV trainers licensed to use PTHV materials
  • be prepared to share their own story of transformation through home visits, and champion the benefits of home visits in their community and beyond.

Audience: 15-35 participants, including the following –

  • educators with at least 1-2 years experience with this model of home visits, who have led at least 10 visits each;
  • parents/guardians who have received home visits in this model; and
  • allies, such as district administrators, community partners, union representatives or other local leaders who have been on at least 3 home visits

Led by: a diverse team of teachers and parents with a wealth of experience training groups in this model of home visits

Fee: $7,500. Includes trainer time and materials. Travel and lodging expenses are billed separately.