Case Studies

In-depth accounts of communities using home visits – read below about their beginnings, their challenges and their outcomes

“A School in Crisis” Stanton Elementary, Washington, DC

“One parent described the school this way: “These were elementary school kids, and they were running the school. Parents were disconnected, staff and families were battling one another, and many of the staff seemed not to care.” During the 2009–2010 school year, police were called to the elementary school on 24 occasions, and tensions and feelings of distrust were high between the school and parents.”

Read the case study – Page 13 in the Department of Education Dual-Capacity-Building-Framework For Family-School Partnerships

AFT Community Schools “What Works” Case Study, St. Paul, MN

“At the end of the day,” SPFT Vice President Faber says, “parents and teachers are the two groups who know their students best. There’s a lot of desire out there to keep parents and teachers mad at each other when really they need to be in a relationship, working together. Community schools and [the Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project] empowers that relationship.”

“A School on a Hill” Lincoln Park Middle School, Duluth, MN

Principal Brenda Vatthauer had to reach beyond her considerable knowlege and experience to find an effective strategy for connecting with the families of her students. She was looking for “outside the box” ways to meet parents outside of the school in order for them to have more investment in their child’s education. This was a literal need, as her new school was “built on a hill” and inaccessible to the significant percentage of families without transportation (21%). And she needed a model that would be responsive to the needs of low-income families, as the majority of her students qualify for free/reduced lunch (65%).”

Read more about Lincoln Park Middle School, Duluth, MN

“Friendly Home Visits” – West Sioux Central School District, Hawarden, IA by Laura Hensley

“West Sioux is a unique rural community in Sioux County, Iowa.  The challenges facing West Sioux have been the changing demographics of the community and continued growth.”

Read the West Sioux case study

Case Study of Home Visits by Yolanda Aguerrebere, Ed.D., Pepperdine University, 2009, Dissertation.

“The involvement of the parents at school and at home created a high comfort level between home and school among children, parents, and teachers thus promoting more open communication throughout the school year. All participants revealed positive outcomes. Outcomes included bonding between teachers and parents in an informal setting, students felt excited about the teachers visiting their homes, and the wide range of resources that teachers provided such as health referrals, ideas for at-home activities to promote academic achievement.”

Read the Pepperdine case study


“Building Collaborative Relationships Through Teacher Home Visits (Salt Lake City, Utah) by Chelsea Rose Jones, Westminster College Masters in Education Thesis

“I decided to employ this project because I have a vested interest in becoming a better teacher, and a true advocate for transitioning middle school students and their families.”

Read the Westminster case study

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