jena-anderson-christean-ralph-reduced “Together we have conducted over 300 Home Visits to our Kindergarten Families. This project has changed the way we teach the kids.  We have a deeper connection to the family and the student, allowing us to better teach the child.  For some of our families, we have opened the door for them to again trust the school system.”
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Christean Ralph, Kindergarten Teacher and Jena Anderson
Title I Teacher, Warren Elementary, Helena, MT

“Hopaul-lumpkinme visits empowered me to become active in my children’s education. We are the only voice our children have. The connections we make with the teachers pretty much determine how successful they’re going to be.”
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Paul Lumpkin, Parent, PTHV Trainer, Springfield, MA

kaya-henderson-headshot“Our home visits give teachers a chance to learn about individual students’ needs and interests at the start of the school year so teachers and families can work together to help those children succeed… I have found that even the busiest families will gladly make time for you when you seek their input.”
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Kaya Henderson, Chancellor, Washington DC Public Schools

steve-ly“I first learned about Parent Teacher Home Visits as a Sacramento ACT community leader, and have continued to champion home visits in my roles as school board member, City Council member and Mayor of Elk Grove, and on the national board of PTHVP. As the child of Hmong immigrants, and a parent now myself, I know what an advantage it is for kids when families have a good relationship with the school. Home visits are a fast, cost-effective way to get everyone on the same page.”

Steve Ly, Mayor, City of Elk Grove, CA

 Paul Cordero“I went to a home visit yesterday to the house of a parent I see every day.  It was the first time she mentioned that she wants to be part of our school and help to organize events that will bring in her friends.” 

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Paul Cordero, Principal, Florin Elementary, Elk Grove Unified School District

“One home visit isdebbiepolhemus just the beginning, but on a visit I learn more about the student, and I’m also learning more about my own assumptions- which I thought I had left at the door.”
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Deborah Polhemus, Teacher
Wakefield High School, Arlington, VA


“The parents in the community were skeptical of the school and DCPS as a whole…My first home visit was last Spring, and it changed my perception of the school, my children’s teacher, and my expectations changed a lot.”
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Aquila Watson, Parent, Washington, DC

Tom Boasberg Tom Boasberg, Superintendent, Denver Public Schools

“When the modlysette_headshotel was developed, it was super important to the founding parents and teachers that this be something that teachers and staff members could choose to do. Often times, when we are made to do things, the energy can be a little weird. By choosing to go into a home, sit with a family and get to know them, that is coming from a genuine place in our heart.” Lysette Lemay’s story

Lysette Lemay
Teacher and PTHV Sacramento Coordinator

“One of the ‘ah hahs’ I had during the visit was that Jessandra has a lot of interests that I can definitely incorporate into my lessons to help her stay engaged and therefore less off­task and disruptive. I think my biggest ‘ah hah’ though, was figuring out that all Jessandra really wants is to feel loved.”

Sue Baker, Student Teacher, Sacramento State University

test-collin-radix-carter “In doing the home visit, meeting relationally with the families, especially talking about hopes and dreams, is basically just a great way to hear what the family values. And, ultimately, their hopes and dreams for their child become our hopes and dreams for the child.”

Collin Radix-Carter, Pre-K Teacher
Shaw Elementary School, Boston Public Schools

jenaandersonclassroom “We had absolutely no preparation for the differences in race, ethnicity, class, any of that, in our credential program. And it’s really too bad, because now, we look back, and I guess through our experiences with home visits, that has been more powerful for us than anything we got in our teacher training.”

Jena Anderson, Title I Teacher
Warren Elementary, Helena, MT

Video Testimony of Melissa Bryant and Teachers at Stanton Elementary, Washington, DC (Harvard X)

“Going ivalerielovaton pairs really makes relationships and builds collaboration in the school as well as with families. What I like to do every year is send out a list of the trained staff members with their email and phone numbers, so you have a list of everybody who is trained who you can contact and ask to go with you.”

Valerie Lovato, 1st Grade Teacher & PTHV Site Coordinator
Eagleton Elementary School, Denver Public Schools

aprilybarraparent “On the visit, the teacher asked me, and I’ll never forget this, she said “What are your hopes and dreams for your child.” And I knew that if anybody was going to come into my home, in a nonjudgmental way, and ask me that question, that they really cared. After my first home visit, we worked together to help my daughter and she was reading at grade level by the end of the year.”
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April Ybarra, Parent, Oak Ridge Elementary School, Sacramento, CA

BrandiWattsWe put together information about the impact Parent Teacher Home Visits has had in communities around the nation, and showed the success of our pilot program right here in Dallas. Once teachers heard about it, they said “Yes, I absolutely want to be a part of this.”

Brandi Watts, Stand for Children, Dallas, TX

christina-rey“I would say that all of the staff at this school, our views have been transformed (by home visits). We are re-energized and excited, the new teachers and those who’ve been teaching for years. Put aside any assumptions you have, any fears, any anxieties because it’s worth it. It will change your life, your families’ lives, and the student’s life and that’s what we’re in this for.”

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Christine Rey, Teacher, Washington DC

“That connection with families, and with students, is what people got into teaching for, or at least that’s how they imagined it. Teachers are hungry to get back to those connections and are really excited about Parent Teacher Home Visits.”

Brandi Watts, Stand for Children
Dallas, TX

“…Increased student participation, increased parent involvement, and a full teacher (because of delicious dinners!). I truly feel a stronger connection not only to my students, but to their families. They have welcomed me to their home on subsequent visits for dinner or special family events…Before I started going on home visits, I noticed that parents were distant and weren’t as willing to ask for help or resources…”

Jesús Millán, 3rd Grade Teacher
Reno, NV

landon-mascarenaz “When I reflect on the lack of empathy and understanding in our nation, I do believe that our work of the Home Visit program has major relevance in our national project to build a better society.  Not to “fix” anything: to understand together, to learn together, to build together.”

Landon Mascareñaz, Ed.L.D., Executive Director, Strategy Development and Family Empowerment
Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO

lysette_headshot “I thought “I’m black, you’re black, so we have an automatic connection,” but that wasn’t necessarily the case. I represented an institution that they, the families, didn’t trust. I’m educated, I’m a teacher and I’m part of a system that hasn’t treated them very well. So I still had to work hard to bridge the gap. I tried everything, but it wasn’t until Parent Teacher Home Visits that I was able to change the dynamics.”

Lysette Lemay, Middle School Teacher, Sacramento, CA

Richard Riley“I urge all communities to study (this project) and use it as a model for their own home visit programs.”
Richard Riley, former US Secretary of Education

emily-kilgore-st-paul-mn I could not thank them enough. Every time my coworker and I said, “Thank you,” the parents responded with a smile, saying, “This is nothing compared to what you do.” The amount of gratitude flowing around the room was immeasurable.
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Emily Kilgore, Teacher, St. Paul, MN

raymond_jon “As a school superintendent I accompanied teachers on dozens of home visits. What I witnessed was that home visits tear down barriers, grow relationships and serve the whole child in a way that a meeting in a public school setting can’t.”

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Jonathan Raymond, President, Stuart Foundation, Former Superintendent, SCUSD

parentterrencegladney “I first learned of, and became involved with, the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project through my involvement at my children’s school. I have personally contributed IT services, and committed an annual financial donation, because of the tremendous impact the work has on families and schools across the nation.”

Terrence Gladney, Terrell C. Gladney Memorial Academy, Sacramento, CA

prejean_andrea “PTHVP honors the commitment, love and support that educators, families, and community members have for the young people in our public schools. There are few organizations that make such a difference in the lives of students, their families, and educators.”

Andrea Prejean, Director of Teacher Quality, National Education Association

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