What We Offer

Training and supporting educators to connect with families is the core of PTHV program activity.

PTHV trainings are interactive, dynamic and essential to the practice of home visits. There is no substitute for what happens in a face-to-face training led by an experienced team of both parents and teachers. In addition to training, we offer presentations, technical assistance and consulting, tools, research and conferences.

We offer:

  1. Information Session (1 hour)
  2. Parent Teacher Home Visits Training (3 hours)
  3. Cultural Connections (2 hours)
  4. Advanced Training of Trainers (6 hours)
  5. Consulting
  6. Toolbox for Best Practices
  7. Conferences and Events

Info Session: Home Visits as High-Impact Family Engagement Strategy

Time: 1 hour

Prerequisites: None

Objective: At the end of the session, participants will:

  • understand the intent and methods of PTHV model and why it is effective
  • be familiar with the logistics of doing home visits
  • be able to share the model with colleagues and stakeholders
  • have the option to work with PTHV for next steps such as planning, training, funding, etc…

Audience: Families, teachers, staff and administration of preK-12 schools, community leaders, funders, media, elected officials and other stakeholders.

Led by: a team of PTHV members with a wealth of experience within our model of home visits

Content: This information session outlines the benefits of building relationships between educators and families via voluntary home visits. The session can be tailored according to the audience (community meeting, professional conference, school board meeting, etc) with a brief overview of the research and the outcomes of the effort nationwide. The session also includes steps to getting started and the conditions that make a home visit program successful. This is an info session only and does not certify participants to do home visits.

Cost: $500. Travel billed separately. If offered in conjunction with a conference or other event, we request admission to the entire event for the three trainers (parent/teacher/facilitator).

Parent Teacher Home Visits Training (3 hours)

This interactive session prepares and certifies educators to effectively build meaningful relationships with the families of their students, starting with a voluntary home visit. Learn our distinct 5 non-negotiable core practices and how and why they lead to success.

For more information, please go to our Trainings page

Cultural Connections and Home Visits

After your initial Home Visit Training, you may want to deepen your group’s practice with a targeted session on Cultural Connection. In this 2 hour session, participants will

  • gain additional skills and confidence in building relationships with families from many diverse backgrounds via home visits
  • have a deeper understanding of how to bring a family’s home culture back to the classroom and impact learning

For more information, please go to our Trainings page

Advanced Training of Trainers

After Home Visit Training and 1-2 years of doing home visits, you may choose to build your own training team, in order to expand your internal home visiting capacity. This interactive training session is led by experienced home visiting trainers and is designed to fully prepare and certify selected teachers and parents to train educators in your district.

For more information, please go to our Trainings page


PTHV nurtures home visit efforts across the country with the combined expertise of our senior staff, advisory board, and our network of experienced home visitors across the US.

Prerequisites: None


  • communities using our model of home visits
  • district, union and community leaders considering home visits and other high-impact models of family engagement
  • agencies, elected officials, and researchers exploring policy, implementation and/or evaluation of high-impact models of family engagement

Content: Topics include collaboration, sustainability, funding, administration, data collection & evaluation, media relations and community outreach.

Cost: Stand-alone consulting or technical assistance may be contracted on an hourly or project basis as needed. Please note: 3 hours of complimentary consulting is included with every training contract. Additional consulting, or TA to address specific challenges, may be arranged at an hourly rate. Please talk with Carrie Rose, Executive Director, carrie@pthvp.org or (916) 752-3206 about your needs.

Toolbox of Best Practices

Resources for educators, families, and communities to help implement home visit programs are available on our Toolbox page. If you don’t see what you need here, please give us a call (916) 448-5290 or email elaine@pthvp.org.

Conferences and Events

National Gathering: Our annual peer-led, dynamic and inspiring conference is a unique opportunity to share best practices and connect with home visit heroes from around the country.

Regional conferences and Professional Development Intensives are offered by individual projects and HUBs. Find your nearest location in our Network.


What We Do