Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

PTHVP increases student and school success by building and sustaining a national network of partners who effectively implement and advance our relationship-based home-visit model of family and teacher engagement in public schools across the United States.

Our Vision Statement

In 3-5 years, because of PTHVP, our model will be implemented with fidelity at scale, leading to increased academic and social success for all students whose families participate in home visits. Strong evidence of its outcomes will drive demand for the model, which will be known at the state and national levels as the best foundational practice in family engagement and an essential catalyst of school improvement efforts and increased student success.

Our Values Statement

We believe that to build a democratic society we need free quality public education for all, which can only be achieved when educators and families are collaborating together as equal, trusting partners. The academic, social and emotional development of all our students depends upon meaningful relational connections that are as important as any system or program. Our model of home visits is a cost effective and proven catalyst for student achievement, family engagement, teacher development, and school success.

Who We Are