Newsblast for Home Visit Champions - December 2016 "Reflections"
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A Time for Reflection in Dallas


Pinkston High School Feeder Pattern
"These folks are the 97 educators from the Pinkston High School Feeder pattern, who contributed 399 home visits to the overall 1,576 visits in the Dallas area in Fall 2016. Courtesy of Stand for Children, Dallas, TX.

Educators in the Dallas area have only been doing Parent Teacher Home Visits for a short time, but the PTHV Project run by Stand for Children Dallas is starting on the right foot by building a culture of mutual support and reflection. Last week the organization hosted a Reflection Dinner, honoring the educators and families who have made the Project a success, and providing a space for collective reflection on what they've learned from the relationships they've forged in the last year.

"As the semester winds down, we are celebrating the stories of over 400 educators in Dallas ISD. Educator after educator shared stories of connection and “seeing” their kids and feeling seen by their students and families. Everyone had a slightly different story, however, the central themes were the same: empathy, compassion, patience, communication, pride, and gratitude. We are so proud of all the participants in Stand’s Home Visit Project!"
Stacey Hodge
 -- Stacey Hodges, Dallas Director, Stand for Children


How did you overcome barriers to engagement  "This photo is from the share out we did at the dinner for a group of campuses that are not connected, necessarily, but are having an amazing impact through home visits. The screen asks "How did you overcome barriers to engagement?""
 BrandiWatts-- Brandi Watts, Educator Organizer, Stand for Children



A message from the Executive Director

Despite a flurry of activity this month (why do I always think things will calm down in December?), I'm in a reflective mood as 2016 comes to its conclusion. I'm about to get on the plane to attend the first Massachusetts HUB advisory board meeting - what a wonderful manifestation of our strategic plan goal to build network infrastructure. In just one year, PTHV has created five HUBs, identified local champions and funders, and hired a part-time coordinator for each: CA, CO, MA, MN, and NV. Next year we hope to have five more!

Our ability to meet the demand for training and support of Parent Teacher Home Visits around the US is 100% dependent on our yearly fundraising. This is crucial now more than ever as we answer calls from an increasing number of school communities who are looking for answers beyond testing and detentions/suspensions, and who need proven solutions derived from communities like them, rather than ideology and mandates from the top down.

In the coming year, we will approach a few national foundations who we think would be great partners. Would you like to help? Please donate to PTHV with a contribution of any size. Your gift will not only provide much needed funding for our network, but your gift will be counted as evidence of our broad grassroots base. It's interesting - both private and public funders are impressed when I show them that our network's educators, family members and community folks so believe in home visits that they send in their personal contribution each year. So, please, go to and show your support.

In other news, we're thrilled to kick off 2017 with our national evaluation! While individual projects (such as Sacrament
o, St. Paul and Washington, DC) have enriched our practice with evaluations in their local districts, this will be our network's first multi-state study. The Flamboyan Foundation has been instrumental in supporting this effort, by contributing funding and invaluable technical assistance from Anita Drever, Ph.D., Flamboyan's Managing Director of Evaluation and Learning. We'll have more to report next month, including which HUBs will be studied, and what evaluation tools will be available to all PTHV HUBs and Projects.

This amazing, transformative effort takes our whole-hearted attention and energy, so please take care of yourselves. We wish you happy, peaceful and restful holidays.

With warm wishes,

Carrie Rose


Carrie Rose 

Executive Director

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At Parent Teacher Home Visits, we train school teachers and staff to form a meaningful relationship with their student’s families, starting with a voluntary home visit. These visits build trust, mutual accountability, cross-cultural understanding, more relevant instruction, leadership opportunities and improved academic, social and emotional development for all children. Our model has been successfully adapted in hundreds of schools in 20 states and Washington, DC by grassroots collaborations between parents, school districts, teachers and community organizations.

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Thank you to Kembal Elementary, Sacramento PTHV.

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Thank you again to everyone who helped make National Gathering 2016 so inspirational!   

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